Friday, May 15, 2009

Mapping the Bushwick Expressway

1.     Which route was selected for the highway and why? 

2.     How many families would have been displaced by each proposed route?

3.     Had the expressway been built, what do you think the impact would have been on Bushwick?  Which route would have been the worst for Bushwick?

4.     Why do you think the Bushwick expressway project was never completed?

5.     Look at a map of New York City Highways; do you think that the Bushwick Expressway project should be revived?


kass said...

1)middle route
3)bushwick would have been different because it would have alot of homes it would jus been alot of roads and cars
4)because they got lazy

duval.grant said...

1)middle route
3)Bushwick would have been totally different because it would have never been so many homes it would have just been alot of roads and cars.
4)people started fighting for they rights and din't want 2 lose they homes.
5)no because even more people will fight for they homes.

Seriothan said...

1.Middle Route
3.i think that bushwick would have looked different.The impact would have been that ALOT of people would have lost their homes and there would have been alot of traffic all over.
4.The project was never completed because people who live in bushwick were against the project and they fought to keep their houses.
5. No because so many people live in bushwick now, and to kick them all out would only start a riot between the people and the government.

Glendalis said...

1) The Middle route
2) 3,850 families
3) There wouldn't have been many houses but there would have been a lot of roads and more people with less houses.
4) I think it was never built because people protested against Moses and they stopped him from building or "destroying" more neighborhoods.
5) I think it could be revived but it would take a long time.

Emily said...

1) Middle Route - to provide an expressway from lower Manhattan to South of Long Island to connect to Queen Midtown Tunnel.
2) 3,850 families.
3) There would have been more roads and less houses.
4) People were against the project and fought to keep their homes.
5)I dont think so because there is a higher population of people living in a bushwick now than there was when he wanted to build it.